Pendle Lakes

Business Type

New Holiday Park Development

Number of Pitches

45 luxury lodges

Number of Employees

5 - Start Up Venture

Fee Type

Fixed Fee

Services Provided

Business Evaluation / Graphic Design
Marketing Strategy / Website Development
Brand Guidelines / Social Media
Content Creation / Email Marketing
Photography / Video Production

The Brief

With a piece of land secured and plans drawn up for a new luxury holiday lodge park, the management team of Pendle Lakes got in touch to see how we could help them launch thier new brand. After speaking to them and really getting a feel for what they wanted to achieve, we went back to the drawing board to produce a comprehensive launch strategy. Using our tried and tested 4 Ps system, we looked at all areas of the business and determined exactly what marketing assets they would need and pulled it all together into a complete marketing plan.


Artist Impression

A full artist impression of the new park including visualisations of the new facilities and bistro.

Complete Package

Pre Launch Advertising

We put together a complete pre build advertising package which included outdoor signage, brochures, business cards and much more.


Launch Marketing Plan

Our team have devised a complete launch plan to take this brand from start to a comprehensive holiday park brand.


Restaurant Brand

We created a separate brand for the planned bistro that will be situated on Pendle Lakes.

J McConnell

The Leisure Marketing People really helped us realise our brand and how to launch it to the wider world. The plan they produced covers all of the bases we need and we can't wait to work together with them to implement it and launch the park